About us

Our Story, Our Vision and Our Mission.


Our company, established by our father Hamdi Tezulas, has been serving originally based on the machinery and component production since 1987. We keep being a solution partner of the large corporations in supplying machinery and components.

In 2019, we established Hunter Nature Caravan for the purpose of manufacturing the jewel in the crown which appeals to the world, using 35-year-experience.

We decided to design our models suitable for off-road, because of the lack of off-road caravan production in Europe. We designed a caravan that is suitable for harsh land conditions with its chassis made of steel, independent suspension system, and aluminum body. We aimed and achieved to make a conquest of all adventurous people with the outer body created with its strong and modern design lines, and the interior design which is easy on the eye and functional. We formed our corporate structure, by fitting the departments of the company with competent experts and finalized all the preparation for serial production.

We have been maintaining to bring our product and nature together by improving the after-sales services we provide. We also provide options that enable you to shape your own caravan with optional equipment and are working in order to make you more than happy.

It this way on which we keep going with a huge effort, we would like to make your dreams come true. If you still don’t own a ‘Hunter’ it means that you’ve not experienced the most enjoyable memories yet. So, we’re here for you to meet your caravan that will color your life and prettify your stories full of adventure, passion, peace and freedom. Waiting for you, too.

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Mission - Vision

As Hunter Nature, we managed to be one of the leaders of the sector in Turkey and gain trust with our quality and after-sale support in the short term. We got the current quality of the products by working in accordance with the feedbacks of the customers. We’ve never left our customers alone, being there for them whenever they need with our after-sales services. We maintain producing our caravans paying particular attention to customers' comments, advice, and requirements, with a continuous progress.

Our goal is to present our products to the global market with international cooperation, proving our sectoral experience and production strategy of high quality.

We desire to leave a beautiful nature to the next generation by bringing awareness of protecting nature.