Suitable for harsh land conditions

Excellent performance thanks to modern engineering techniques. Ready for all harsh conditions in nature with the chassis made of steel profile, increased strength, and independent suspension system.

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Safe & Functional

German quality Alko brake and stabilizing system which is synchronized with the hitched-up vehicle offers you safety at European standards. Thanks to its easy setup and quick tidy-up design, you will save your energy and time to enjoy nature

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Maximum Comfort

You’ll experience the maximum possible comfort in nature with Hunter caravan, as comfortable as fiberglass camper trailers, with higher strength. Moreover, you can personalize your caravan with optional items according to your particular needs and tastes. You will love the comfort that the convertible seating area and the storage spaces both inside and outside add to your expeditions.

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Extra Resistant

It can be used for many years without any deformation on the body and equipment, even under the hardest conditions in nature. Aluminum body painted with electrostatic paint provides protection against corrosion.

Return to nature has begun

Nature has been our source of life since ancient times. Humanity has been developed in nature. It’s the first time ever that more than half of the world population is living in cities at our age. With urbanization, people's connection with nature has decreased and people have started to spend most of their time indoors. As a consequence, obesity, extreme fatigue, stress, and mental problems have been increased.

While nature renews and increases the attention of a person, cities reduce this capacity. Numerous research and scientific study have been made considering the importance of positive psychology on business life and daily life.

According to the thesis “Nature deficit disorder” of Richard Louv, spending time in order to notice nature just as it exists in the environment we live in is good for our mental health and improves our cognitive skills. However, creating a connection to nature requires more than taking a walk around a park. That’s exactly why people living in cities trend returning to nature and spending effort to do more than just walking in nature. With this return, activities such as picnics and short nature walks leave their place to camping.

Nevertheless, we must admit that it’s not possible for people to easily give up the comfort they’re used to in the city. And there is no need to give up this comfort. Because Hunter Nature Caravan is moving into the scene at this point and working for making the time you spend for yourself and your family as comfortable as possible. It’s possible, with Hunter Caravan, to spend however much time you want in nature without moving away from the comfort you’re used to in the city.